• ghesh Targaryen

    ghesh Targaryen

    A devoute dragonborn cleric of the raven queen.
  • Orvys Gelnor

    Orvys Gelnor

    A young, guilt-ridden warrior who is convinced that he is cursed. He is easily convinced.
  • Wenceslao Almazan

    Wenceslao Almazan

    Dragonborn Warlord, sworn to avenge his family upon the devilish dwarves who perpetrated the heinous act
  • ICA Griffons

    ICA Griffons

    One is white, Two is gray, Three is brown and Four is black
  • Jonas


    An average size Xvart, Jonas is jolly and always has an instrument at his side.
  • Lillith Shadowshift

    Lillith Shadowshift

    Lillith's natural form is that of a tall human warrior with red hair, wielding an executioner's axe. Her pale, unassuming garb belies her evil nature.
  • Little Boy Blue

    Little Boy Blue

    A young boy with pale blue skin, dressed well, often wearing a blue glowing necklace.
  • Mordenkainen


    Appearance varies, though he is usually garbed in blue and silver. A short, heavyset human with round, often flushed, face.
  • Nyara Falconsbane

    Nyara Falconsbane

    The Night Shade of Greyhawk, Leader of the Assassin's Guild
  • Paco the Peddler

    Paco the Peddler

    A mysterious travelling merchant found throughout the Flanaess. Always accompanied by his bodyguard Ham.
  • Thok


    Half-Elf cleric (half gimp)