Nyara Falconsbane

The Night Shade of Greyhawk, Leader of the Assassin's Guild


Nyara is a short, lythe catperson whose shiny black coat looks amazingly like skin.  She keeps her silky black hair short to prevent interference in her stealthy endeavors.  She is visibly lightly-clad, in expensive but normal looking clothing with a shortsword at her waist and a crossbow on her wrist.  Some speculate that she is, in fact, a vampiress.

As a Perfect Assassin, an encounter with her begins with a deft leap on invisible clouds to land in front of you, slitting your throat, draining your life leaving you barely alive.  You would notice that your valuables are gone just as she vanishes, all before you could blink.  If you are lucky enough to land a blow, she vaporizes, assaulting you with a blur of debilitating blows, leaving you helpless to her will.  She has never failed to fulfill a contract.

She is known to produce from nowhere an arsenal of poisonous daggers with a life of their own as well as various deadly creatures.  She travels upon a flying carpet, and enjoys challenging others to a game of chess.


Nyara was raised near Greyhawk by a powerful mage, Mornelithe, who used magic to alter her physical prowess and appearance in torturous experiments.  He used magic to controll her to raid and ravage a nearby group of bird-bonding mages.  As her first murder, she saved the mages from his tyranny.  The elves recognized her deed, but were never able to forgive her prior involvement, be it by her hand or not.  Nyara left her home to find somewhere to survive. 

She soon found a group of adventurers and travelled with them through many dimensions and planes.  With the group, she stopped wars, reimprisoned great demons and freed an entire planet from utter destruction, losing her life-mate in the process.  After the defeat of many foes, Nyara returned to Greyhawk an formidable assassin pledged to the service of The Raven Queen. 

She decided to retire from adventuring in Greyhawk, eventually answering the call for a 'hostile takeover' of the Assassin's Guild.  She rose to power becoming a greatly respected, and feared, leader of the assassin's guild.  Some say she is the reason no one sees the hawks anymore in the city.

Nyara has gathered the Heroes, through means unknown, to address the restriction in her movements and the rapid decline in her business as would-be-customers are taking matters into their own hands.

Nyara Falconsbane

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