Little Boy Blue

A young boy with pale blue skin, dressed well, often wearing a blue glowing necklace.


Little Boy Blue was named for his melancholy attitude:  reserved and distant, he seems unaware of emotion.  His deep clear blue eyes consistenly appear unfocused, and his platinum blonde hair nearly blends with the pale blue color of his skin.

We is always fashionably dressed in clothing that is clean and well-cared for.  Moving slowly and with purpose, his gentle grace is somewhat unsettling without famliarization.  He appears slightly incorporeal in one's peripheral vision, though his shadow depicts a solid form.


Little Boy Blue's true name, age and chidhood is unknown.  It is rumored that Nyara discovered him in the foyer of the Greyhawk Assassin's Guild only a couple of years ago, suffering from amnesia.  He is known throughout Greyhawk as The Night Shade's messenger, and rumored to be her strangely free slave.

He is often seen in the company of the famous sea captain Jonas, and is thought to be half-xvart as a consequence of this association.  When Jonas is in port, you will undoubtedly find Little Boy Blue in his company.

Little Boy Blue

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