An average size Xvart, Jonas is jolly and always has an instrument at his side.


Jonas is a Xvart with blonde hair and furry feet.  Many say this makes him not a full xvart, but Jonas denies such rediculous accusations.  Always with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye, he presents quite the charming visage.  He fancies jewelry and opulence and is always found wearing his latest aquisitions.

Always found with an instrument by his side, Jonas is an avid bard.  His favorite subjects for songs include pirates, wenches, grog and treasure.  His merry attitude makes it difficult for anyone to resist his call for listeners or participants, and he is nearly always surrounded by a supportive crowd as a result.

Jonas is known to be a fierce warrior, having felled many a sea beast, pirate and raider.  He generally gets his foes stuffed while in Greyhawk and displays them prominently in his ship, or donates them to the his favorite bar, The Barge Inn.  The ease with which he fells his foes is impressive to say the least, as he is rumored to have sung a somber ulegy for his foes as they fall to the ground for the final time.



One of the richest and most astute merchants known throughout the Flanaess, Jonas will carry any cargo anywhere for the right price.  He is known to find some of the rarest and most valuable cargos in the Flanaess.  For this, he is very popular with the people in the port towns, and he is known to willingly find rare herbs and necessities for the local people in need. 

Needless to say, the arrival of his ship, Content Not Found: 49345 is usually celebrated with a great deal of fanfare and celebration.  This fame is also revered by the pirates of the Flanaess, who consider his ship the one unattainable prize as none have been successful in raiding his vessel.  This generally makes a trip with Jonas a dangerous, albeit profitable, venture.

It is rumored that Jonas is from the city of Blue in the Pomarj, a prominent Xvart dwelling.  The rumors of his youth tell a tale of a beautiful young Xvart maiden, Hura, who Jonas loved with all of his heart, promising to give her the world.  As the story goes, Hura was beguiled by the demi-god Raxivort, who also revered her beauty, and left Jonas forever, breaking his heart and forcing him to never return to Blue.  The legend says that he renounced his faith for Raxivort and now roams the seas searching for the ultimate treasure that will win her love once more.