The Night Shade of Greyhawk and the Hallowed Revenant Amphoras

c.597 Patchwell 20

We had a fairly uneventful night. Heading into the town to meet with Lady Dubienten. She suggested talking to Oscar, a famous cook who has apparently been all over the continent.

He refused to give us a straight accounting of his previous whereabouts. We’ve suggested to the guard to keep an eye out in case he tries to flee the town in a hurry. We’re heading to meet with Lord Mordigan shortly after sundown at the Scarlet Fanny. While some of the Incomplete Association investigate the inside of the building, I’ve scouted the immediate area out side. Sir Mordigan is apparently a lush and a pervert. He has not been able to provide us with any real useful info, though maybe drinking the Golden Dragon Juice helps to protect against the plague. There’s been no hard evidence either way though. We went to Sir Mordigan’s brother’s lush brother Willow’s house, only to find that he was dead, apparently from consumption.

c.597 Patchwell 19

We tried to arrive before the funeral began, but did not arrive early enough. Upon arrival at the gates, we were lucky to meet with Sir Dubienten the excellently mannered knight who lent us the use of his shield at the Alley Inn. Regretfully Lord Mirio Feadeial still has not returned. We offered the services of the Incomplete Association should a search need to be mounted for his rescue. In addition we made as detailed a description of the crime as we could, including the scream, runner, victim and the citizen we alerted.

c597 Patchwall 18

Arrived in Westkeep yesterday. Finally procured proper writing materials so I can keep a journal of the events that occur upon my quest to avenge the loss of my family and village, while shopping with Qindarka, our newest member. With Orvys Gelnor’s help we have found a lead. Lord Mirio Feadeial is apparently the only thing holding Westkeep together through their recent troubles. We aim to speak with him this evening. I shall update further afterwards.

Having spoken with the guards we will repair to the Alley Inn for dinner and to await news as to whether or not Lord Faedeial will grant us an audience. Geralt must be fiending for the first thing he did was proposition a young girl for drugs…

Qindarka and I stayed at the inn in case of a late message, only to find shortly after the rest of The Incomplete Association left, that it had arrived. Our agreement with the good knight was apparently confused. We decided to return the shield, and left in in the hands of Jubeè, another knight who was guarding the castle, and he assured us he would return it.

On our way back we witnessed a crime. Apparently it was a local baker but the death was oddly bloodless though her neck was ravaged as though by some beast.

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I am Maid Barbevere of Knavesmire, covert bard and draftsman of The Night Shade's Heroes


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