Mine and explore caves in pursuit of foes and riches. Fear
is not acceptable in the face of adversity, and only hatred is
allowed for those who stand in your way.


Though often depicted as a haglike human female, Beltar is known to also appear as a beholder, red dragon, or marilith. Beltar hates nearly everything, even other deities.


Beltar was formerly a goddess of earth and mines, but was supplanted by other Suel gods until her only worshipers were nonhuman slaves. It is perhaps for this reason that Jascar is one of her greatest enemies.
Beltar will often take mates in her various forms, but few survive, as she eats them afterward, as well as any young born from such a union.


Beltar's followers are encouraged to mine and explore caverns for riches and foes to kill. Her worshippers are mostly savage humans and evil nonhumans. She encourages her faithful to join together in great armies and ally themselves with beholders, demons, red dragons, liches, and other powerful creatures.
Beltar is worshipped in the Bone March, the Pomarj, Stonehold, and even in Erelhei-Cinlu. Some regard her marilith form as evidence that she is the Suloise snake-goddess worshipped in the Vale of the Lamia and the Isle of Serpents.


Beltar's priests preach hatred of one's enemies, rather than fear. They are expected to take positions of leadership in their tribes, or to form their own. The priesthood makes examples of the weak-willed and traitors. They usually fight with their natural weapons, cesti, or spiked gauntlets. Devoted priests, within a year of their deaths, often rise from the grave as undead, often to return to their original tribes.


Services to Beltar are usually held in caves or points of low ground, and often involve sacrifice of sentient beings.