Thok's (of the Night Shade's Heroes) hometown, Copperstead, is located in the Celadon Forest, on the shore of a small lake.  Copperstead is part of a group of large clans allied under the protection of the Celadon Forest.  Many powerful druids and elves live here to maintain the sylvan realm.

Celadon Forest:

The Celadon Forest lies within Nyrond and the Duchy of Urnst, but is unclaimed by
either. Duke Karll enjoys great friendship with the generally peaceful elves and woodsmen of the western woodlands, and southwest Urnst is well served by rangers from the Celadon, mostly humans and  halfelves trained at Stalwart Pines, the only known "organized" ranger school in the Flanaess. However, the situation in Nyrond now borders on civil war. The former baron of Woodwych conducted extensive logging operations here, igniting an anti Nyrond rebellion. The new king has provided hope to the woods folk, but the new baroness appears every bit as ruthless as her predecessor.

Mighty oaks and elms grow here, tended by treants, sylvan elves, and similar beings. These folk prevent
the cutting of any live tree from the forest; the humans and elves who trade with the outside world are generally herbalists. Keoghtom's ointment is said to derive from reagents gathered here. A great fire of mysterious origin damaged the western half in 571 CY.

The elves have set up trading towns along the banks of the Nesser River – this major cargo shipping thoroughfare runs through the middle of the forest from the Nyr Dyv to the Sea of Gearnat. The elves are friendly to the surrounding countries, but enforce responsible forestry on those who inhabit the outer reaches of the woods. The southern and western borders of the forest sometimes see encroachments by humanoids and monsters from the Gnatmarsh or the hills surrounding the Bright Desert, but the elves generally see off such threats.

All through the Celadon Forest the rumor spread of Copperstead's misfortune.  A Tree of Life is dying.  Despite months of desperate efforts, the tree seems to wither and lose its consciousness.  A great council has been summoned among the Celadon Clans.  The bravest and most powerful elves of the realm must be sent on a quest to find the source and cure for the disease.


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