Greyhawk Reference List

Greyhawk Modules by Level 

Code Title Location Type Party Level
A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity Highport Module 4 to 7
A2 Secret of the Slavers Stockade Drachensgrab Hills Module 4 to 7
A3 Assualt on the Aerie of the Slave Lords Suderheim, Drachensgrab Mountains Module 4 to 7
A4 In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords Suderheim, Drachensgrab Mountains Module 4 to 7
ART1 Axe of the Dwarvish Lords Various Campaign Set See Below
ART1a Just a Little Feud Haverhill, Prinicpality of Ulek Campaign Set 13 to 15
ART1b Radruundar Northern Yatils, above Exag Campaign Set 13 to 15
ART2 The Rod of Seven Parts See Below Campaign Set 10 to 12
ART2a Night Raiders Southern Tip of Yatils, Northwest of Veluna Campaign Set 10 to 12
ART2b At the Sign of the Golden Cocatrice Greyhawk City Campaign Set 10 to 12
ART2c Incedent at a Footbridge Cairn Hills Campaign Set 10 to 12
ART2d Spelunking Under Barrier Peaks near Geoff Campaign Set 10 to 12
ART2e Uninvited Guests West of Lake Spendlowe, Hellfurnaces Campaign Set 10 to 12
ART2f Hospitality Edge of Crystalmists, South of Kester Campaign Set 10 to 12
ART2g The Forgotten Temple somewhere in Great Kingdom Campaign Set 10 to 12
ART2h The Citadel of Chaos Tovag Baragu Campaign Set 10 to 12
ART3 The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga Various northern forested areas Module 7 to 20
B2 Keep on the Borderlands Western Egde of the Tors, Yeomanry Module 1 to 3
C1 Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan Ruined Amedio city Module 5 to 7
C2 Ghost Tower of Inverness Abbor Alz Module 5 to 7
C3 The Lost Isle of Castanamir Aerdi Sea, Near Spindrifts Module 2 to 5
CG0 City of Greyhawk Boxed Set Various Adventure Cards See Below
CG01 Bath Time for the Hopping Prophet Greyhawk City Adventure Card 2 to 4
CG02 Born Again Ogres of the Blinding Light Duchy of Ulek Adventure Card 3 to 5
CG03 Dark Denizens of the Deep Delve Cairn hills Adventure Card 4 to 6
CG04 The Dead of the Howling Hills Howling Hills, Iuz Adventure Card 2 to 4
CG05 A Diplomatic Incedant Greyhawk City Adventure Card 5 to 7
CG06 A Far Cry From the Swamp Greyhawk City Adventure Card 5 to 7
CG07 Final Resting Place of Dorshak Crane Greyhawk City Adventure Card 1 to 3
CG08 The Ghost's Ship Off the Southern Coast of the Bright Desert Adventure Card 6 to 8
CG09 The Griffon Hunt Southern Abbor-Alz near Bright Desert Border Adventure Card 6 to 8
CG10 The Lich Staff Greyhawk City Adventure Card 9 to 11
CG11 Mayhem at the World's End Greyhawk City Adventure Card 5 to 7
CG12 Minding the Store Greyhawk City Adventure Card 1 to 2
CG13 Prisoner of Zender Onnwal Adventure Card 8 to 10
CG14 Pygmies, Sage, Myconids and Plants Greyhawk City Adventure Card 3 to 5
CG15 Riders on the Storm Stark Mounds between Sterich and Geoff Adventure Card 4 to 6
CG16 Shadows of Terror Barrier Peaks near Geoff Adventure Card 9 to 11
CG17 Siege of the Highfolk  Highfolk Vale Adventure Card 1 to 3
CG18 To Slay a Hierarch Adumbdfort, Walworth Isle Adventure Card 11 to 13
CG19 The Sunken Temple Spine Ridge near Ekul Scarlet Brotherhood Adventure Card 6 to 8
CG20 The Swamp Hag Avali Swamp, Hepmonaland Adventure Card 6 to 8
CG21 Verbeeg of the Gnarley Forest Gnarley Forest Adventure Card 5 to 7
CG22 Vote for the Goat Greyhawk City Adventure Card 2 to 4
CG23 Wine Harvewst The Cairn Hills Adventure Card 1 to 2
D1 Descent into the Depths of the Earth DeepOerth, Hellfurnaces Module 9 to 14
D2 Shrine of Kuo-Toa DeepOerth, Hellfurnaces Module 9 to 14
D3 Vault of the Drow DeepOerth, Hellfurnaces Module 10 to 14
DM01 The Shrine of Ilsidahur, Dungeon #10 Lake Matreus, Amedio Module  3 to 6
DM02 Ruins of Niole Daer, Dungeon #13 Suss Forest, near Elredd Module 5 to 8
DM03 By the Wayside, Dungeon #19 Bracken Village, Northern Edge of Hool Marshes Module 6 to 10
DM04 The Elephant's Graveyard, Dungeon #15 Sharba, W Lake Opotleotle and Chiuthle River, Hepmonaland Module 5 to 7
DM05 The Leopard Men, Dungeon #22 Sharba, W Lake Opotleotle and Chiuthle River, Hepmonaland Module 8 to 10
DM06 Ghost Dance, Dungeon #32 Northeastern Felreev Forest, Rovers of the Barrens Module 4 to 7
DM07 Izek's Slumber, Dungeon #42 Greyhawk City Module 7 to 10
DM08 A Serenade Before, Supper Dungeon #53 Ironwood, Verbobonc Module 3 to 5
DM09 Cradle of Madness, Dungeon #87 The Cairn Hills Module 4 to 6
DM10 Valley of the Snails, Dungeon #87 Village of Hulvin, Keoland Module 3 to 5
DM11 The Shalm's Dark Song, Dungeon #87 Blackmoor Module 5 to 7
DM12 Sloth, Dungeon #91 City of Pellak, Bissel Module 5 to 7
DM13 Legend of Garthulga, Dungeon #91 Nyr Dyv Coast, Slightly NE of Dyvers Module 3 to 5
DRN1 The Dancing Hut, Dragon #83 See the notes on ART3 for placement Module 9 to 11
DRN2 The City Beyond the Gate, Dragon #100  Island in Drawmidj, W of Yecha hills Coast Module 9 to 11
DRN3 Below the Tomb of Horrors, Dragon #249 Vast Swamp Module 10 to 14
EE0 The Elder Elemental God Pentology Various Module See Below
EE1 The Earth Temple Eastern Edge of Central Lortmils Duchy of Ulek) Module 9 to 12
EE2 The Air Temple Jotuns, The Yeomanry Module 9 to 12
EE3 The Fire Temple Southern Yatils, Veluna Module 9 to 12
EE4 The Water Temple Wooly Bay, Near Fax-Badwall-Elredd on Wild Coast Module 9 to 12
EE5 The Elemental Crypt Rushmoors, Keoland Module 9 to 12
EX1 Dungeonland Castle Greyhawk Module 9 to 12
EX2 Land Beyond the Magic Mirror Castle Greyhawk Module 9 to 12
FTA0 From The Ashes Various Boxed Set See Below
FTA1 Into the Mistmarsh Southeastern Mistmarsh Sourcebook 1 to 3
FTA2 The Sin Eater Two Ford, Greyhawk Plain Sourcebook 5 to 9
FTA3 Beckoner in the Dark Central Cairn Hills Adventure Card 4 to 7
FTA4 Brainstorm Pargenter?s Mine, Abbor-Alz Adventure Card 11 to 13
FTA4 Honest Bandits Eastern Cairn Hills Adventure Card Any
FTA5 Tamara Belongs to Me The Gnarley Forest Adventure Card 2 to 4
FTA6 Dark Heart of Oak The Gnarley Forest Adventure Card 6 to 8
FTA7 Slavers By Midnight Elmshire, Midbay portion of Nyr Dyv Adventure Card 2 to 3
G1-3 Against the Giants Jotuns, Crystalmists and Hellfurnaces Module 8 to 12
G4-6 The Liberation of Geoff Geoff, Crystalmists and Barrier Peaks Module 9 to 12
GA0 Greyhawk Adventures See Below Hardcover  See Below
GA1 The Entrance to the Vale of the Mage Vale of the Mage Hardcover 5 to 7
GA2 Diver Down Turucambi Reefs, Hepmonaland Hardcover 4 to 6
GA3 The Rescue of Ren Greyhawk City Hardcover 3 to 6
GA4 The House of Cards Greyhawk City Hardcover Any
GA5 Beaming Up College of Wizardry, NW Yatils Hardcover 0
GA6 Horse Sense Farmstead, Greyhawk Plain Hardcover 0
GOF0 Gem OF The Flanaess Various Sourcebook See Below
GOF1 The Mummy's Cairn Northern Cairn Hills Sourcebook 5 to 8
GOF2 Lizardman Lair Southwestern Mistmarsh Sourcebook 4 to 7
GOF3 Blackthorn Northeastern Gnarley Forest Sourcebook 7 to 9
I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City Pelisso Swamp, Hepmonaland Module 4 to 7
I2 Tomb of the Lizard King West-Central Hool Marshes, Near Tors Module 5 to 7
I7 Baltron's Beacon Hool Marshes, Keoland Module 4 to 8
L1 Secret of Bone Hill Restenford, Lendore Isle Module 2 to 4
L2 Assassin's Knot Garotten, Lendore Isle Module 2 to 5
L3 Deep Dwarven Delve Farmin Mountains, Lendore Isle Module 3 to 6
LT1 The Star Cairns Abbor-Alz Module 5 to 8
LT2 Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad Abbor-Alz Module 9 to 11
LT3 Doomgrinder Cairn Hills Module 10 to 12
N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God Rushmoors Module 1 to 3
NB1-3 Night Below Haranshire, Hold of Sea Princes, UnderOerth, Hellfurnaces Campaign Set 1 to 10
OJ1 The Fountain of Pelor, OJ #2 Critwall, Shield Lands Module 7 to 11
OJ2 The Ruins of Mistmarsh, OJ #11 Mistmarsh Module 5 to 7
OJ3 A Slight Diversion, OJ #9 City of Redspan, Duchy of Tenh Module 2 to 5
OJ4 The Mines of Elsidell, OJ #10 Elsidell Village, E of Tringlee in Lortmils, County of Ulek Module 3 to 5
OJ5 House on Summoner Court, OJ #7 Greyhawk City Module 7 to 9
PC01 A Little Local Difficulty Village of Erminit, Furyondy Module 1 to 2
PC02 Beg Steal or Barrow Village of Erminit, Furyondy Module 1 to 3
PC03 Haturan's Tomb Dyvers Module 6 to 12
PC04 Sacklewood – To Capture a Troll Sacklewood Village, Suss Forest near Elredd, Wild Coast Module 7 to 9
PC05 The Soul Husks Howling Hills, Iuz Module 18 to 20
PC06 Shadows under Scant Scant, Onnwal Module 4 to 5
PC07 The Forgotten Hero Northern Vesve Module 5 to 7
PC08 Rhennee Magic Mistmarsh Module 8 to 10
PC09 Crypt of the Undead King Cairn Hills Module 15 to 17
PC10 Defection Gnarley Forest Module Any
PM1 Bastion of Faith Possible locations include Critwall Greyhawk City Chendl Nyrond Sourcebook Any
PM2 College of Wizardry North Westernmost Spur of the Yatils Sourcebook Any
Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits Lolth?s Layer of the Abyss Module 10 to 14
QMG0 Quest of the Mist Golem series Various Module See Below
QMG1 Mist Hold Northern Lortmils, Veluna Module 5 to 7
QMG2 Into the Vesve Vesve, Wolf Nomads Module 5 to 7
QMG3 Mist Manor Cold Marshes, Blackmoor Module  6 to 8
RE1 Return of the Eight Greyhawk City Module 6 to 12
RE2 Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil Hommlett and Nulb, Verbobonc Module 1 to 8
RE3 Return to the Tomb of Horrors Vast Swamp Module 13 to 16
RE4 Return to White Plume Mountain  Riftcanyon Module 7 to 10
RE4A Dragotha's Lair  Effluvial Swamp, White Plume Mountain Web Enhancement 7 to 8 
RE5 Return to the Keep on the Borderlands Western Egde of the Tors, Yeomanry Module 1 to 3
RR1 The Suel Imperium – Age of Glory Pre-Cataclysm Suel Basin Module 5 to 8
S1 Tomb of Horrors Vast Swamp Module 10 to 14
S2 White Plume Mountain Riftcanyon Module 5 to 10
S3 Expedition the Barriers Peaks Barrier Peaks Module 8 to 12
S4 Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth Southern Yatils Module 6 to 10
SB1 Scarlet Brotherhood Hierdraeden, Yeomanry Module 7 to 9
SC1 The Shattered Circle Hollow Highlands, Idee Module 1 to 3
SS1 The Hand of the Highwayman Restenford, Lendore Isle Web Enhancement 6 to 7
T1 Village of Homlett Homlett, Verbobonc Module 1 to 3
T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil Homlett and Nulb, Verbobonc Module 1 to 8
U1 Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh Hool Marshes, Southern Keoland Coast Module 1 to 3
U2 Danger at Dunwater Hool Marshes, Southern Keoland Coast Module 1 to 4
U3 Final Enemy Hool Marshes, Southern Keoland Coast Module 3 to 5
UK1 Beyond the Crystal Cave Sybarate Isle, Sea Princes Module 4 to 7
UK2 The Sentinal  Lake Spendlowe, Sea Princes Module 2 to 5
UK3 The Guantlet Kamph Spur, Sea Princes Module 3 to 6
UK6 All The Glitters Northern Amedio, Hellfurnaces, Sea of Dust Module 3 to 5
WG04 The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun Southern Yatils Module 5 to 10
WG05 Mordenkainen?s Fatastic Adventure Maure Castle Abbor Alz Module 9 to 12
WG06 Isle of the Ape Tenser?s Castle and Tropical Demi-plane Module 14 to 19
WG07 Castle Greyhawk Southern Cairn Hills Module 1 to 10
WG08 Fate of Istus See Below Module See Below
WG08a The Sage's Tower Rookroost Module 1 to 10
WG08b Swords for Hire Rel Mord Module 1 to 10
WG08c Countdown in Jurnre Jurnre Module 1 to 10
WG08d Diambeth's Delving Eldredd Module 1 to 10
WG08e Service for the Dead Wintershiven Module 1 to 10
WG08f The Garden of Evil Leukish Module 1 to 10
WG08g Down With the Wizard Rauxes Module 1 to 10
WG08h At the King's Right Hand Chendl Module 1 to 10
WG08i Iuz's Gambit Verbobonc Module 1 to 10
WG08j The Scarlet Masque Hesuel Ilshar Module 1 to 10
WG09 Gargoyle Rockburgh on the Hool – Tors border, Keoland Module 1 to 4
WG10 Child?s Play Rhesdain, North Perrenland Module 13 to 15
WG11 Puppets Wild Coast and Dyvers Module 1 to 3
WG12 Vale of the Mage Valley of the Mage Module 7 to 9
WGA1 The Falcon?s Revenge Greyhawk City Module 5 to 7
WGA2 Falconmaster Greyhawk City Module 5 to 7
WGA3 Flames of the Falcon Greyhawk City Module 5 to 7
WGA4 Vecna Lives Kron Hills Greyhawk City Module 12 to 15
WGA5 Die Vecna Die! Tovag Baragu, Ravenloft, Sigil Module 10 to 13
WGM Border Watch Furondy Module 1 to 3
WGQ Patriots of Ulek Principality of Ulek Module 1 to 3
WGR1 Greyhawk Ruins Castle Greyhawk, Southern Cairn Hills Module 2 to 15
WGR2 Treasures of Greyhawk See Below Module See Below
WGR2a A Little Knowledge Perrenland Module 3 to 5
WGR2b Bladestar City of Greyhawk Module 3 to 5
WGR2c The Neogi Nest City of Greyhawk Module 6 to 8
WGR2d The Shroud of Karyne Cairn Hills Module 5 to 7
WGR2e Helm of Selnor County of Ulek Module 5 to 7
WGR2f Bigby's Modest Home City of Greyhawk Module 6 to 8
WGR2g Terror in the Tropics Northern Amedio Coast Module 8 to 10
WGR2h On the Town Baymouth on Jetsom Isle Module 8 to 10
WGR2i Crossing Into Steel Monastary, Shield Lands Module 7 to 9
WGR2j Face of Xenous Greyhawk City Module 8 to 10
WGR2k Well of All Heals Rieuwood, County of Sunndi Module Any
WGR2l The Wizard Isn't Home South Shore, Nyr Dyv, near Elmshire Module 5 to 7
WGR2m All For a Hat County of Urnst Module 10 to 12
WGR2n A Sword for a Hero Western Crystalmists, Near Kester Module 17 to 19
WGR3a The Mines of Father Eye Southern Abbor-Alz, Bright Desert Sourcebook 5 to 8
WGR3b The Ruins of Shattados' Palace Eastern Bright Desert Sourcebook 6 to 8
WGR3c Rary's Tower Brass Hills Sourcebook 8 to 10
WGR6 City of Skulls Iuz Module 9 to 12
WGS1 Five Shall Be One Rookroost Module 8 to 10
WGs2 Howl From the North Hold of Stonefist Module 8 to 10


Dragon Magazine Articles

Dragon #1, p. 28
The Gnome Cache, by Gary Gygax
This first installment of Gygax's incomplete serial novel marks the first use of Oerth in Dragon Magazine

Dragon #2, p.12
Hints for D&D Judges: Part 3: The Dungeon, by Joe Fischer
Brief mention of entrances to the Castle Greyhawk dungeon

Dragon #9, p.5
DM's Brew: Mixing Alignments in D&D, by Gary Gygax
Alignments in the World of Greyhawk

Dragon #12, p.22
Quag Keep, by Andre Norton
An excerpt from the novel (set in the World of Greyhawk setting)

Dragon #17, pp.6
Faceless Men & Clockwork Monsters, by Gary Gygax
A tale of Greyhawk adventurers transferred to the Starship Warden

Dragon #30, p.12
From the Sorceror's Scroll: Greyhawk: New Settings for Adventure, by Gary Gygax
Real-world adventuring in the World of Greyhawk

Dragon #37, p.10
From the Sorceror's Scroll: the Shape of the World, by Gary Gygax
Information about the Greyhawk campaign setting and the armies and holdings of Bigby, Mordenkainen, Robilar, and Tenser

Dragon #43, p.12
Survival tips for the Slave Pits, by Dave Cook
Information and playing tips for the Slave Lords series of modules

Dragon #46, p.48
Three views of Greyhawk, by Jeff Seiken, Kenneth W. Burke, and Lawrence Schick
Product reviews of the World of Greyhawk campaign setting, including information on how to interpret the Darlene maps

Dragon #52, p.18
Leomund's Tiny Hut: Adding depth to the Flanaess, by Lenard Lafofka
Places of birth for humans and demi-humans

Dragon #53, p. 18
Understanding Armory, by Lewis Pulsipher
Information on interpreting heraldry, including some of the coats of arm of Greyhawk

Dragon #55, p. 17
From the Sorceror's Scroll: More "meat" for Greyhawk, by Gary Gygax
An update on the status of the World of Greyhawk setting, along with information on the races of the Flanaess

Dragon #56. p.18
From the Sorceror's Scroll: News of the North Central Flanaess, by Gary Gygax
Recent events (578 CY) in and around the lands of Iuz and the Bandit Kingdoms

Dragon #57, p.13
From the Sorceror's Scroll: Developments from Stonefist to South Province, by Gary Gygax
Further news of the events of CY 578, focusing on the barbarian lands, the South Province, and the Iron League

Dragon #59, p.24
The Great Kingdom and the Knights of Doom, by Robert J. Kuntz
Statistics and levels for the Demonic Knights of Doom, as well as the politics of Rauxes

Dragon #63, p.8
The big, bad barbarian, by Gary Gygax
The new barbarian class, including notes on using it in the World of Greyhawk setting

Dragon #63, p.14
Where the bandits are, by Gary Gygax
Map and details on the Bandit Kingdoms

Dragon #63, p.15
Greyhawk's World: Events of the Eastern and Southern Flanaess, by Robert J. Kuntz
Further information on the war efforts of the Great Kingdom

Dragon #64, p.13
Greyhawk's World: Redefining Deities of the Flanaess, by Gary Gygax
Details on Raxivort, the god of xvarts, and some changes for the Deities and Demigods cyclopedia when used with the Greyhawk setting

Dragon #65, p.11
Greyhaw's World: Events of the Eastern and Southern Flanaess (II), by Robert J. Kuntz
The Spindrift Isles, Nyrond, and Almor

Dragon #67, p.4
From the Sorceror's Scroll: new magic-user spells, by Gary Gygax
Included are some personal spells from Melf, Leomund, Otiluke and Evard, mages of the Greyhawk campaign setting

Dragon #67, p.10
Featured Creatures: Grugach and Valley Elves, by Gary Gygax
Stats and history of two new elven races for the Greyhawk campaign setting, as well as elven dogs (cooshee)

Dragon #67, p.23
The Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk, by Gary Gygax
Heironeous, Hextor, Iuz, and Saint Cuthbert

Dragon #68, p.24
From the Sorceror's Scroll: Be the first to cast these new high level spells, by Gary Gygax
Included in this installment of new spells are those of Mordenkainen, Leomund and Otiluke

Dragon #68, p.42
Weather in the World of Greyhawk, by David Axler
Very detailed weather system for the Greyhawk campaign setting, including a gatefold screen with charts and tables

Dragon #68, p.63
The Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk (II), by Gary Gygax
Celestion, Fharlanghn, Ehlonna, Pholtus, and Tritherion

Dragon #69, p.27
The Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk (III), by Gary Gygax
Istus, Time Elementals and Obad-Hai

Dragon #70, p.20
The Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk (IV), by Gary Gygax
Boccob, Zagyg and Olidammara

Dragon #71, p.5
From the Sorceror's Scroll (forward), by Gary Gygax
A brief note in the introduction mentions using Roger Moore's demi-human deities in the Greyhawk campaign setting

Dragon #71, p.19
Greyhawk's World: Quasi-deities, by Gary Gygax
Heward, Keoghtom, Murlynd and Kelanen are described, along with general notes on quasi- and hero- deities

Dragon #71, p.52
Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk (V), by Gary Gygax
Erythnul, Incabulos, Nerull, Ralishaz and Wastri

Dragon #82, p.55
Spells between the covers, by Bruce Heard
Rules for spell research, the list of random books includes many penned by Greyhawk personalities

Dragon #85, p.12
Special skills, special thrills, by Roger E. Moore
Notes on special powers for clerics, including those of the Greyhawk and nonhuman gods

Dragon #86, p.30
Presenting the Suel Pantheon, by Lenard Lafofka
Lendor and Norebo

Dragon #87, p.23, by Lenard Lafofka
Gods of the Suel Pantheon
Kord and Phaulkon

Dragon #88, p.8
Gods of the suel Pantheon (II), by Lenard Lafofka
Syrul, Fortubo and Wee Jas

Dragon #89, p.20
Gods of the Suel Pantheon (III), by Lenard Lafofka
Pyremius, Beltar and Llerg

Dragon #90, p.24
Gods of the Suel Pantheon (IV), by Lenard Lafofka
Phyton, Xerbo and Osprem

Dragon #92, p.6
From the Sorceror's Scroll: Clerics live by other rules, by Gary Gygax
Examples of special sects of the priests and druids of Ehlonna

Dragon #92, p.22
Gods of the Suel Pantheon (V), by Lenard Lafofka
Lydia, Bralm and Jascar

Dragon #93, p.24
Ay pronunseeAYshun gyd, by Frank Mentzer
The proper pronunciations of several Greyhawk persons and places are included

Dragon #96, p.8
From the Sorceror's Scroll: New jobs for demi-humans, by Gary Gygax
Level limits for clerics, druids and rangers of the demi-human races in the World of Greyhawk

Dragon #100, p.22
At Moonset Blackcat Comes, by Gary Gygax
Short fiction set in the City of Greyhawk

Dragon #101, p.8
Update from the chief, by Gary Gygax
Included in this article is errata for the World of Greyhawk boxed set

Dragon #108, p.12
The role of nature, by Bruce Humphrey
Although not directly Greyhawk connected, this article on weather and the environment has many references to the Weather in the World of Greyhawk article

Dragon #123, p.60
Just Making Time, by Roger E. Moore
Notes on the Greyhawk calendar (partially in error, the months are 28 days on Oerth, with 4 festival weeks)

Dragon #125, p.64
Bazaar of the Bizarre: The Magical Maps of Greyhawk, by Lee Ian Wurn
A collection of enchanted maps for the Greyhawk campaign setting

Dragon #129, p.57
The Game Wizards: A volume of Oerthly delights, by James M. Ward
A brief article requesting input for the Greyhawk Adventures hardcover, of historical interest

Dragon #131, p.40
Lords & Legends: "Short" does not mean "harmless", by Steve Seguin and Christopher Jones
A pair of dwarven heroes from the World of Greyhawk

Dragon #134, p.29
Lords & Legends: Fabulous riches and hideous death, by William Simpson
The history and statistics of Dragotha, the undead dragon

Dragon #135, p.30
The Game Wizards: Readers speak out on Greyhawk Adventures, by James M. Ward
Jim Ward's commentary on what readers wanted to see in the Greyhawk Adventures hardcover

Dragon #137, p.3
Letters: Odds & ends (anonymous)
Waldorf destroys Greyhawk

Dragon #137, p.54
The Fairest of the Fairs, by Bill Volkart
Amongst the holidays in this article is the Oeridian St. Cuthbert's Day

Dragon #139, p.16
Lords & Legends: A miscellany of magic-users, by Niel Brandt
Elayne Mystica, the Lerara mage, is described

Dragon #139, p.86
The Ecology of the Spectator, by Dougal Demokopoliss
Details on the spectator, including a handful of Greyhawk references

Dragon #141, p.14
Sage Advice: World of Greyhawk setting, by Skip Williams
The Sage tackles a variety of questions about the Greyhawk campaign setting

Dragon #143, p.70
Role-playing Reviews: Greyhawk Adventures hardcover, by Jim Bambra
This review covers the history and development of the Greyhawk campaign setting

Dragon #146, p.22
The Dragon's Bestiary: All dragons, great and small, by Mark Mathis
The obsidian dragon, detailed in this article, hails from Oerth

Dragon #149, p.5
Letters: Waldorf hysteria (various)
Responses to Waldorf destroying Greyhawk

Dragon #155, p.26
In the Frost and the Snow, by David S. Reimer
An article about the snow elves of the Crystalmist mountains

Dragon #160, p.32
Sage Advice: World of Greyhawk setting (II), by Skip Williams
More questions about the Greyhawk campaign setting are answered

Dragon #167, p.10
See the Pomarj and Die!, by Joseph Bloch
An expansion to the Pomarj region, in extensive detail (includes a description of the quasi-deity Krovis)

Dragon #171, p.20
Care for a Drink?, by David W. Montgomery and Jim Milner
Buried in this article is an amusing possibility for the origin of the Vast Swamp

Dragon #173, p.5
Letters: Mail call (anonymous)
Waldorf returns!

Dragon #173, p.62
Sage Advice: Legends and Lore, by Skip Williams
Advice on dealing with Iuz's demigod status and assassin abilities

Dragon #176, p.10
Servants of the Seldarine, by Chris Perry
Specialty priests of the elven gods, with notes on their use in the Greyhawk campaign world

Dragon #177, p.5
Letters: The final word, by Douglas M. Burck
Buried at the end of the letters section, the final fate of Waldorf is revealed!

Dragon #178, p.17
Bazaar of the Bizarre: Military magical items for the fantasy battlefield, by Mark Galeotti
Included is Bigby's demanding ram, an enchanted battering ram

Dragon #179, p.11
Picture This!, by Nigel D. Findley
A magical painting of a dragonnel of the Pomarj is included in this article

Dragon #180, insert
AD&D Trading Cards, various authors
One of the trading cards is for Maltus Vindir, a half-elf of the Valley of the Mage

Dragon #185, p.56
Magic in the Evening, by Ed Greenwood
Short fiction and gaming snippets concerning a meeting between Elminster and Mordenkainen

Dragon #188, p.26
The Wizards Three, by Ed Greenwood
More short fiction and snippets, with Dalamar added to the Elminster and Mordenkainen mix

Dragon #191, p.22
The Elven Pantheon Completed!, by Carl Sargent
The missing Rillifane from Monster Mythology, revered by Oerth's wood elves and voadkyn

Dragon #191, p.64
Campaign Journal: Risen from the Ashes, by Carl Sargent
Adventuring in the From the Ashes Greyhawk campaign setting, including >From the Ashes errata
Of particular interest is the material left out and later not followed on the Star Cairns and the Doomgrinder

Dragon #194, p.53
Sage Advice: Rary's Fortress, by Skip Williams
Printed in this Sage Advice column are the three missing maps from Rary the Traitor

Dragon #195, p.94
Campaign Journal: Fitting into the new World of Greyhawk, by Carl Sargent
Advice on adapting From the Ashes to your own version of Greyhawk

Dragon #196, p.82
Three Wizards Too Many, by Ed Greenwood
More spells, magic items, and fiction concerning Elminster, Mordenkainen and Dalamar

Dragon #199, p.48
Campaign Journal: The Black Pegasus Trading Co., by David Montgomery and Jim Milner
A society of Spelljamming merchants, based in Oerth

Dragon #200, p.20
The Wizards Three: Once more the three, by Ed Greenwood
Another installment of the Wizard's Three series, including new spells

Dragon #200, p.38
Arcane Lore: The Spells of Naz, by Rich Stump
The spellbooks of a mixed-blood Suel/Oerdian spellweaver

Dragon #200, p.69
Making the Most of a Module, by Lisa Stevens
Advice on running the Temple of Elemental Evil module

Dragon #200, p.104
Sage Advice: Flan Names, by Skip Williams
Amongst the questions answered is a listing of the Flan names for the various Oerth races

Dragon #204, p.52
Campaign Journal: The Twin Cities, by Carl Sargent
The first excerpt from the unpublished Ivid the Undying product, including maps

Dragon #206, p.22
Part Dragon, All Hero, by Roger E. Moore
Half-dragons, including notes on using them in the Greyhawk campaign setting

Dragon #206, p.34
Campaign Journal: The Sea Barons, by Carl Sargent
The second excerpt from Ivid the Undying

Dragon #206, p.42
Fiend Knights and Dark Artifacts, by Carl Sargent
Magic items from the Ivid the Undying supplement

Dragon #208, p.48
Campaign Journal, p.48: The Adri Forest, by Carl Sargent
The third, and sadly final, excerpt from Ivid the Undying

Dragon #209, p.10
Branching Out All Over, by Roger E. Moore
Tips on using the Complete Druid's Handbook, including Greyhawk-specific information

Dragon #210, p.73
Arcane Lore: The spells of Drenal Farkahn, by Nicholas Baran
A select of spells from a Velunese mage

Dragon #211, p.82
The Wizards Three: A Night of Shadows, by Ed Greenwood
More fiction and game miscellany from Ed Greenwood

Dragon #219, p.92
The Wizards Three: Warmer than Expected, by Ed Greenwood
Another installment in Ed Greenwood's ongoing series

Dragon #225, p.49
Campaign Classics: Three Greyhawk Grimoires, by Robert S. Mullin
Spell from Vecna, Iggwilv and Acererak

Dragon #230, p.8
The Orbs of Dragonkind, by Roger E. Moore
An adventurer starter for the post-Wars Greyhawk

Dragon #233, p.92
Game Wizards: The Rod of Seven Parts, world by world, by Skip Williams
Adapting the Rod of Seven Parts module to various campaign settings, including Greyhawk

Dragon #236, p.12
The Seldarine Revisited, by Chris Perry
More on the gods of the elves, with some Greyhawk-specific notes

Dragon #238, p.42
The Return of the Wizards Three, by Ed Greenwood
Another Wizards Three installment, with more new game information

Dragon #241, p.38
Legacies of the Suel Imperium, by Roger E. Moore
Five Suel-spawned races for your Greyhawk campaign: derro, jermalaine, skulks, lerara, and suel dopplegangers

Dragon #241, p.75
Arcane Lore: Greyhawk Grimoires II, by Robert S. Mullin
The spellbooks of Jaran Krimea (the Mage of the Valley), Keraptis and Slerotin

Dragon #241, p.88
Campaign Classics: The roof of the World, by Wolfgang Baur
The Yak-men are described, including using them on Oerth

Dragon #242, p.48
Jest the Wizards Three, by Ed Greenwood
A light-hearted episode in the ongoing Wizards Three series

Dragon #243, p.89
Arcane Lore: "Traveling" spellbooks, by Anthony Nixon and David Head
Three books from remote areas of the Flanaess

Dragon #245, p.70
Bazaar of the Bizarre: Dwarven Relics, by Kevin Melka
One of the dwarven relics is a banner from the dwarves of the Crystalmist

Dragon #246, p.86
The Wizards Three: The Night it Wailed Wizards, by Ed Greenwood
A further episode in the Wizards Three series

Dragon #248, p.120
Profiles: Gary Gygax, by Allen Varney
Gary Gygax pontificates on a variety of subjects, include the feel of Greyhawk

Dragon #249, p.38
Below the Tomb of Horrors, by Bruce R. Cordell
A new level for the Tomb of Horrors module

Dragon #249, p.90
Arcane Lore: The Lost Spellbook of Rary the Traitor, by Ed Bonny
Rary's devious spellbook, "lost" by design

Dragon #253, p.40
A Treasure Trove of Tomes, by Scott Casper
A collection of non-magical books for the Greyhawk setting

Dragon #256, p.44
Hidden Agendas, by Andy Miller
Secret Societies for the World of Greyhawk

Dragon #262, p.36
Elmshire, by Roger E. Moore
The history and people of a halfling village near the City of Greyhawk

Dragon #263, p.44
The Oeridian Lesser Gods, by Andy Miller
Atroa, Delleb, and Kurell are detailed

Dragon #264, p.46
The Oeridian Lesser Gods (II), by Ander Miller
Raxivort (an Oeridian?) and Sotillon revealed

Dragon #265, p.56
The Oeridian Lesser Gods (III), by Andy Miller
Telchur and Rudd make up the final installment in the series

Dragon Annual #1, p.72
Beyond the Flanaess, by Skip Williams
A map of the world of Oerik, of questionable validity

Dragon Annual #2, p.96
Founding Greyhawk, by Gary Gygax
A wonderful article on the origins of the Greyhawk campaign

Dragon Annual #3, p.18
Weaponmasters of the Flanaess, by Lloyd Brown III
A selection of famous instructors for the World of Greyhawk

Dragon Annual #4, p.16
Campaign Holidays, by Andy Miller
Dozens of holidays for all areas of Oerth


Dungeon Magazine Articles

Issue  & Date Adventure Title Author Notes
10 (March/April 1988) The Shrine of Ilsidahur John Nephew AD&D1, levels 3-6;
10 (March/April 1988) The Artisan's Tomb Matthew Maaske AD&D1, level 3-5;

15 (January/ February 1989) The Elephant's Graveyard David Howery AD&D1, level 5-7; set in Hepmonaland

22 (March/ April 1990) The LeopardMen David Howery AD&D1, levels 8-10; set in Hepmonaland

30 (July/ August 1991) Ghazal David Howery AD&D1, levels 6-8

32 (November/ December 1991) Ghost Dance David Howery AD&D1, levels 4-7

41 (May/June 1993) Hopeful Dawn Gary Lai AD&D1, levels 3-6

42 (July/ August 1993) Izek's Slumber Gary Lai AD&D1, levels 7-10

53 (May/June 1995) A Serenade Before Supper Andrew Veen AD&D1, levels 3-5

56(July/August 1996) The Land of Men with Tails David Howery AD&D1/2??, levels 5-7; set in Hepmonaland

70(September/ October 1998) Kingdom of the Ghouls Wolfgang Baur AD&D2, levels 9-15

71(November/ December 1998) Priestly Secrets W. Jason Peck AD&D2, levels 2-4

73(March/April 1999) The Setting Sun Andy Miller AD&D2, levels 5-7

77(November/ December 1999) Ex Keraptis Cum Amore Andy Miller AD&D2, levels 8-12.  An excellent Greyhawk scenario that details part of the Burning Cliffs (Darlene hex Z3-45), introduces a new artifact and demi-plane, and features S1-style half-page illustrations.

82(September/ October 2000) Evil Unearthed Ed Stark D&D3e, levels 1-7 (1).  A Greyhawk scenario in name only, set in "Brookhollow" on the "Slipper River," near the "Waste" and the "Gnollwood."  Ignore this. 

84(January/ February 2001)  The Harrowing Monte Cook D&D3e, levels 10-20 (15).  A high-level, outer-planar return to the Abyss.  Not  Greyhawk-specific per se, but good  fodder for use with the D and Q modules.  It includes S1-style half-page illustrations, and has a tie-in to Dragon 279, which details Lolth's NPC hit squad.
84(January/ February 2001)  Demonclaw Peter R. Hopkins D&D3e, levels 1-10 (5).  A short adventure set in a sea fortress on Relmor Bay near Wragby in Nyrond.  It makes  good use of Greyhawk context, but doesn't add much to the setting.
84(January/ February 2001)  The Dying of the Light Chris Doyle D&D3e, levels 5-16 (10).  A complex, vampiric  adventure nominally set in "Briarwood," near the foot of the northern Lortmil Mountains.  Adds nothing to the setting, but looks like a good (and tough) scenario.
84(January/ February 2001)  Dungeon of the Fire Opal Jonathan Tweet D&D3e, levels 1-5 (3).  This is Tweet's rendition of the original DMG1 sample dungeon, and is not explicitly set in Greyhawk.  I include it for its strong 1e roots, which probably stretch back to Greyhawk.
84(January/ February 2001) Armistice Peter Vinogradov D&D3e, levels 3-12 (7).  Set in a rich valley in the Griff Mountains, this adventure uses the setting well. 

85(March/April 2001)  Lord of the Scarlet Tide James Jacobs D&D3e, levels 4-15 (9).  A very cool adventure set in the UnderDark beneath Narwell.  Although I'm not too fond of the final encounter and therefore of part of the general premise (its too much like Return to White Plume Mountain for my taste), I like the Kuo Toan stronghold a lot
85(March/April 2001) Natural Selection Matthew G. Adkins D&D3e, levels 1-9 (5).  NE Celadron druids vs. Urnst Rangers.  Decent, if a bit misguided, Greyhawk content.  Worth fixing and adapting. 

87(July/August 2001)  The Cradle of Madness Robert Lee D&D3e, levels 3-8 (6).  Set in the Greyhawk City, the adventure makes good use of a Tharizdun cult. 
87(July/August 2001)  Valley of the Snails W. Jason Peck D&D3e, levels 1-7 (1).  Set in the Gran March, near the eastern verge of the Dim Forest, the characters act on behalf of an herbalist in village of Hulvin, and attempt to discover the fate of a missing ranger.  
87(July/August 2001) The Shalm's Dark Song Tito Leati D&D3e, levels 1-9 (5).  A Side Trek adventure.  The only Greyhawk content is the use of Obah-Hai as patron of the shrine that needs rescuing. 

89(November/ December 2001)  Headless James Jacobs D&D3e, levels 9-15 (12).  An adventure set among the Crystalmist Mountains near Sterich, involving a derro savant's plans to bring Orcus to Oerth.  This scenario is a good side-trek/add-on to The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl (G2) and/or Sean K. Reynolds' Against the Giants (G1-5).  It also includes 3e stats on Orcus (which apparently also appear in the
89(November/ December 2001) Rage J. Bradney Schell D&D3e, levels 5-9 (7).  A short, interesting adventure in which PCs attempt to help a Bissel barbarian recover his rage after being cursed by a troll priestess of Erythnul. 

begin combined Dungeon/Polyhedron issues

90(January/ February 2002) Totentanz Bernard Mees D&D3e, levels 1-6 (4).  A plague of skeletons beset the town of Luzern, in the Tronewald barony (set near the border of the Yatil Mountains and Vesve forest).  Includes a new minor artifact, the Totentanz Gate.  

91(March/April 2002) The Rock and the Hard Place Brian Corello D&D3e, levels 10-20+ (16).  Nomially set in Greyhawk City, the PCs bump into (literally) a waif with a new artifact in hand (The Eye of Night's Embrace), and must stop a deva and an ice devil from pulling her apart to get it.
91(March/April 2002)  Sloth J. Bradley Schell D&D3e Side Trek, levels 3-7 (5).  Set in Pellak, capital city of the March of Bissel, where the PCs battle a belker loosed by a faulty cirlce of protection.  Two new magic items add some spice to an othewise passe scenario:  the cape of anarchic conjuration and a pearl of conjuring power. 
91(March/April 2002)  The Legends of Garthulga Tim Hitchcock D&D3e, levels 1-7 (1).  This short, clever mystery-adventure occurs along the edge of the Gnarley Forest near the River Selintan, in a trading post run by a gnome, terrorized by an elven legend (or, more properly, his own dire boar stolen by a trio of scheming halflings). 
91(March/April 2002)  Kambranex's Machinations Robert Lee D&3e, levels 5-13 (9).  This adventure builds upon Erik Mona's "Places of Mystery" detailing "The Belching Vortex of Luek-O),  from Living Greyhawk Journal #1, and is set in the Hellfurnaces.   Half-machines threaten Flan villagers; the PCs save them.  

93 (July/August 2002) Vanity J. Bradley Schell D&D3e, levels 3-9 (5).  This multifaceted dungeon crawl takes place in the Barrier Peaks, in the northwest corner of Bissel, where a bugbear lair turns into a deeper menace…. 
93 (July/August 2002) Sadie (Critical Threat) Christopher Perkins D&D3e, CR7 Drider (formerly of House Tormtor), with her charmed guards. 
93 (July/August 2002) The Storm Lord's Keep James Wyatt D&D3e, levels 17-24 (21).  An Epic-level adventure in which a clan of evil cloud giants wreaks havoc upon the Yeomanry from their cloud fortress, in vengeance for the death of the chief's daughter.  The giants also guard Oerth from a horrid creature spawned by Phaulkon.  Definitely some good stuff here!

94 (September/ October 2002) Nakhti (Critical Threat) Bruce R. Cordell D&D3e, CR10 Cleric 7 mummy of Nerull.

95 (November/ December 2002) Lust J. Bradley Schell D&D3e Side Trek, levels 2-6 (4).  An  encounter with a half-fiend satyr, set within the verge of the Dim Forest, near the borders of the Gran March and Bissel.  The bored satyr has charmed three Knights of the Watch, who will engage each other or the PCs to the death. 

96 (January/ February 2003) Beyond the Light of Reason  Caine Chandler D&D3e, levels 9-15 (13).  PCs explore a dungeon in the Duchy of Tehn, in order to recover a holy artifact of Pelor to save the village of Rutherton from a dragon and a lich-priest of Nerull.   

97 (March/ April 2003) Xollox (Critical Threat) Robert Harris D&D3e CR19 Beholder/Rogue 6.  Originally from the Horned Society's lands, Xollox is an ancient and sagely collector of secrets (a rival to Robilar, perhaps?) in Radigast City.  

Dungeon/Polyhedron begins monthly publication, and the Living Greyhawk Journal moves to Polyhedron from Dragon; for a Living Greyhawk Journal index, see Canonfire!

98 (May 2003) Gluttony  J. Bradley Schell D&D3e Side Trek, levels 3-5 (4).  A dwarvem cleric of Wee Jas teams with two rasts to create an army of undead in her honor.  Not as strong as Vanity, unfortunately….

99 (June 2003) Quadripartite Peter E. Aperio D&D3e levels 12-18 (14).  PCs must stop an incursion from the far realms, using an ancient artifact created in Oerth's dawn by Pelor, Obad-Hai, Nerull, and Kord. 
99 (June 2003) Tempe of Boccob (Map of Mystery) Christopher West A nice-looking map for a large temple to the Uncaring One.

103 (October 2003) Glacial Inferno Kent Ertman D&D3.5, levels 5-9 (7).  The PCs are drawn to a free-for-all Abbor-Alz volcanic dungeon in which rests a glacial artifact, in the midst of fire and ice elementals, freed devils, and a now- mostly-defunct group of magical terrorists, who are all at war…. 

105 (December 2003) The Stink Monte Lin D&D3.5e, levels 1-7 (4).  A generic-setting adventure featuring Incabulos-worshipping locathah, which introduces six new supernatural diseases to Greyhawk. 
105 (December 2003) Racing the Snake John Simcoe D&D3.5e, levels 4-8 (6).  The PCs act as decoys on the route to Highfolk from Polvar, in order to save a merchant's daughter from her father's business rival, who hired a yuan-ti assassin to kill her. 
105 (December 2003) Warduke:  Hierarch of the Horned Society (Critical Threat) Erik Mona D&D3.5e, CR20 artifact-wielding Fighter 18.  The D&D action figure returns with a vengeance!

106 (January 2004) Tammeraut's Fate Greg A. Vaughn D&D3.5e, levels 4-8 (6).  A well-written, well-researched undersea adventure set in Relmor Bay on Firewatch Island (on the southern Nyrondal coast), where abyssal evils bubble up from the nearby Dagon's Maw rift.
106 (January 2004) Dantalion:  Dark Champion of the Sword Lord (Critical Threat) Erik Mona D&D3.5e CR 15 Cleric 5/Fighter 10.  Thie priest of Kelanen wields Scather, one of the Swords of Answering
106 (January 2004) Volkag:  Summoner of Death James Wilber 3.5e CR 12 Orc Cleric 12 of Nerull who disguises himself as a priest of Gruumsh.

107 (February 2004) Evard:  Debased Information Broker Erik Mona 3.5e CR16 Conjuror 16.  Evard of Black Tentacles infamy, an information-monger worthy to be Robilar's peer!  In addition to the NPC, we're also treated to his nasty divinatory spell, Evard's All Seeing Worm. 

109 (April 2004) Hardby:  City of the Scorned Paul Looby A substantial, twenty-page, Living Greyhawk 3.5e article about the history of Harby and its inhabitants, with maps, prominent NPCs, etc.

112 (July 2004) Swords and Sorcery – in Wargaming Gary Gygax A reprint of Gygax's article that first appeared in Wargamer's Digest (May 1974), in which he recounts the adventures of his PCs Mordenkainen, Bigby, and cohorts in Rob Kuntz's terrible Iron Golem level beneath Maure Castle!
112 (July 2004) Maure Castle Robert J. Kuntz D&D 3.5e, levels 12+.  An update of the original 1985 module WG5 Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure to 3.5e rules, for .   In addition to adding additional background to the module, Kuntz published a new, fourth level:  The Statuary, a level within the dungeons of Maure Castle itself, rather than a new one added to the existing WG5 levels (though it is accessible from there).  Deadly and fun indeed!!

113 (August 2004) Greyhawk's Knights of Holy Shielding:  Valor is Our Blood Rick LaRue Details the Knights of Holy Shielding 3.5e Prestige Class, as well as the history, knightly code, and prominent members of the order.

114 (September 2004) Mad God's Key Jason Bulmahn D&D 3.5, levels 1-3 (1).  An introductory Living Greyhawk adventure set in the Free City of Greyhawk, centered around the theft a small copper key that once belonged to Zagig, a key which would open any door within the city.   Now owned by the son of a locksmith, the key is stolen by cultists of Vecna who disguise themselves as priests of Boccob.  Enter the PCs to recover the key.
114 (September 2004) Isle of Dread:  Exploring the Isle of Dread Gary Holian This issue includes a poster map of the Isle of Dread, and Holian's background article firmly ensconces the former Expert set module from 1981 within Greyhawk.   Holian also updates X1 to 3.5e. 
114 (September 2004) Isle of Dread:  Torrents of Dread Greg A. Vaughan D&D 3.5, levels 4-8 (6).  A group of evil kopru must be thwarted in their efforts to summon Demogorgon by storm-wrecked PCs caught in the flotsam of the koprus' weather magicks. 

115 (October 2004) Happy Birthday, D&D Allan Grohe My letter of support for Dungeon 112's 30th Anniversary Maure Castle extravaganza!  Greyhawk fan Merric Blackman also chimes in with comments on the Maure Castle maps.
115 (October 2004) Raiders of the Black Ice Wolfgang Baur D&D 3.5, levels 1-5 (3).  An OK wilderness and dungeon adventure written to tie-in with the release of WotC's Frostburn rulebook.    Baur expands upon Blackmoor, and lures the PCs to the Frozen Citadel, on the Black Ice glacier sheet itself.

116 (November 2004) The 30 Greatest D&D Adventures of All Time Erik Mona, James Jacobs, and the Dungeon Design Panel The final tribute article to 30th Anniversary, in which the upper crust of 3.x game designers fill us in on their top 30 picks for best modules.   A good read, and oddly enough, 19 of the 30 are set in Greyhawk:  who'd've thunk it? :D

117 (December 2004) Istivin:  City of Shadows Greg A. Vaughan and Erik Mona A backdrop article about the city of Istivin, in Sterich, focusing on its history, the city map and key, and NPC personalities (including Frush O'Suggill) with 3.5 stats.
117 (December 2004) Touch of the Abyss Greg A. Vaughan D&D 3.5, levels 9-12 (11).  The first of three related adventures, Touch of the Abyss posits a Lovecraft-like wrongness overhanging the city, and as the PCs attempt to investigate it, they enter Krelont Keep and discover the missing Baron Querchard.

118 (January 2005) Greyhawk map insert Erik Mona, Steve Wilson, Paul Stormberg, the members of Greytalk, and Robert Lazzaretti The finest Greyhawk map published since Darlene Pekul's from the 1980 Folio (although it does require lamination since the paper is quite fragile stock).  This first of four sections details the northwest Flanaess; the legend appears on page 13 (and on Paizo's web site).
118 (January 2005) Shadow of the Abyss Greg A. Vaughan D&D 3.5, levels 8+ (11).  Continues where Touch of the Abyss left off, with PCs investigating how to destroy the dark influence of the Malgoth on the city of Istivin. 
118 (January 2005) Throne of Iuz John Simcoe D&D 3.5, levels 13-20 (15).  Set within in an olven burial mound in the Vesve Forest, near the Defiled Glades, where the PCs discover King Bog One-Eye's plot to raze the Vesve by creating an artifact called the Throne of Iuz (basically a mobile and huge black thumb effort, for you gardeners out there).

119 (February 2005) Greyhawk map insert Erik Mona, Steve Wilson, Paul Stormberg, the members of Greytalk, and Robert Lazzaretti The finest Greyhawk map published since Darlene Pekul's from the 1980 Folio (although it does require lamination since the paper is quite fragile stock).  This second of four sections details the southwest Flanaess; the legend appears on page 17 (and on Paizo's web site).
119 (February 2005) Wrath of the Abyss Greg A. Vaughan D&D 3.5, levels 8+ (11).  Concludes the Istivin: City of Shadows mini-campaign, in which the PCs discover drowic influences at work, tainting Istivin and its population.  Entering the Underdark to confront their enemies in their own lair, the PCs discover that Malgoth can only be defeated back on the surface, to which they must hie! the Malgoth on the city of Istivin. 

120 (March 2005) Greyhawk map insert Erik Mona, Steve Wilson, Paul Stormberg, the members of Greytalk, and Robert Lazzaretti The finest Greyhawk map published since Darlene Pekul's from the 1980 Folio (although it does require lamination since the paper is quite fragile stock).  This third of four sections details the southeast Flanaess; the legend appears on page 17 (and on Paizo's web site). Unrelatedly, my friend and GH fan Jens Kaufmann's letter appears in this month's issue.
120 (March 2005) Lost Temple of Demogorgon Sean K. Reynolds D&D 3.5, levels 12-16 (14).  Set in the Iron Hills, this adventure pits the PCs against a rival band of NPC adventurers, as well as various foes in the temple itself, including the death knight, Lord Khayven!

121 (April 2005) Greyhawk map insert Erik Mona, Steve Wilson, Paul Stormberg, the members of Greytalk, and Robert Lazzaretti The finest Greyhawk map published since Darlene Pekul's from the 1980 Folio (although it does require lamination since the paper is quite fragile stock).  This fourth of four sections details the southeast Flanaess; the legend appears on page 15 (and on Paizo's web site). Unrelatedly, my friend and GH fan Jens Kaufmann's letter appears in this month's issue.
121 (April 2005) Fiend's Embrace Stephen S. Greer D&D 3.5, levels 2-5 (4).  An adventure that centers around the recovery of a unique miscellaneous magic item, created by Graz'zt for Iggwilv—-the cloak known as Fiend's Embrace (as written, it's not quite powerful enough to be a minor artifact).  Set in the Cold Stones Keep of the Cold Marshes, the PCs must race the clock against the Fingers of Iuz, a group of rival NPCs who seek the cloak for their fell master.  The dungeon itself is flooded, which is a nice change of pace!  Note that the cover of this issue shows the artifact being gifted to Iggwilv by Graz'zt; this is one of only two images of Iggwilve that I know of, the other being Quinn's illo in the monster book of S4). 
121 (April 2005) The Styes Richard Pett D&D 3.5, levels 7-11 (9).  A generic murder-mystery that Pett adapts to Prymp, The Styes focuses on role-playing and investigation as the PCs attempt to unravel the execution of an innonent, framed for murder by a cult of Tharizdun founded by an aboleth savant. 

122 (May 2005) Root of Evil Mike Mearls D&D 3.5 levels 15-20 (18).  A generic, city-based adventure (Mearls suggests Highfolk for GH), in which PCs must race the clock and successfully penetrate a demonic tree and kill it's demonic essence before it reaches maturity and spawns a demonic forest across Oerth.

124 (July 2005) The Whispering Cairn Erik Mona D&D 3.5 levels 1-5 (1).  A pure GH adventure in all but name, The Whispering Cairn is set in the town of Diamond Lake, within the Cairn Hills.   The PCs enter a well-explored cairn that holds unpenetrated mysteries and unclaimed treasures. 
124 (July 2005) Diamond Lake Erik Mona Backdrop article with Diamond Lake settings details for use with The Whispering Cairn and the rest of the Age of Worms adventure path scenarios.   Very good stuff!
124 (July 2005) Diamond Lake map insert Robert Lazzaretti This issue also includes a Diamond Lake poster map, drawn by Robert Lazzaretti. online supplement Age of Worms Overload Erik Mona This overview describes the entire Adventure Path, provides campaign adaptions to Greyhawk (enriching the Greyhawk experience beyond the elements already written into the adventures), the Forgotten Realms, and Eberron.
124 (July 2005) Chambers of Antiquities Robert J. Kuntz D&D 3.5 levels 14-18 (17).  The first new installment of Maue Castle in a year,  Chambers of Antiquities details the levels above The Statuary from Dungeon 112.  A level filled wondrous hazards and treasures, sure to please any Maure Castle fans!

125 (August 2005) The Three Faces of Evil Mike Mearls D&D 3.5 levels 1-5 (3). The second installment of the "Age of Worms" Adventure Path,

126 (September 2005) Encounter at Blackwall Keep Sean K. Reynolds D&D 3.5 levels 1-5 (5). The third installment in the "Age of Worms" Adventure Path,
126 (September 2005) The Clockwork Fortress Wolfgang Baur D&D 3.5 levels 6-12 (8). Sequel to Baur's adventure "Raiders of the Black Ice" from Dungeon 115,

Living Greyhawk Journal

Greyhawk Reference List

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