Ritual Component Consumption

Ritual components can be purchased where available at the discretion of the DM.  Larger cities will have more available than smaller, non-walled villages.  Amounts available/purchased will be described in monetary value rather than specific components. 

Rituals will cost a certain amount of gold to cost.  If the caster has taken time in a town to purchase components, the ritual costs half of the normal cost in components.  If the caster no longer has any ritual components (described in monetary value) the ritual costs the full value to cost.

Components can be carried in reasonable levels, but do not count as weight for encumbrance.  The maximum amount will be dealt with DM discretion. 

Rituals requiring extremely rare components will be dealth with on a case by case basis.

Rituals take an extended rest to copy into a player's ritual book.  Two rituals can be copied per extended rest.

Ritual Component Consumption

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