The Ladys Labyrinth

The Lady's Labyrinth lies under the Foregin Quarter of Greyhawk and connects to Nyara's Mansion and the Assassin's Guild Headquarters.  Usually the home of Night Shades's torture chambers and dungeons, the labyrinth has been cleaned up to test the mettle of heroes summoned to take on the Quest of the Revenant Amphoras.  Treasure, puzzles and danger await any hero willing to prove themselves to the Night Shade and Mordenkainen.

The Grove

Cargo Harbor

The Sandbox

Annoying Music

Ball Pit

Blatantly Obvious

Bless You

Books of Death


Ceiling is Falling

Do Not Touch

Eye of the Beholder

Fire Alarm

Ghost Dice Extra Strife

Handy Weapons

Hollow Bricks

In Case of Emergency Break Glass

Mirror Mirror

Neverending Hallway


No Trap Trap

Punching Hand Door

Reverse Psychology

The Ladys Labyrinth

The Night Shade of Greyhawk and the Hallowed Revenant Amphoras tatafornow